Stop! Hamstertime

Before you’re going to say anything, four reasons for being offline:

1. The most obvious and predictable and boring - school.

2. I have my own stories and projects, y’know. My precious babies are crying alone.

3. Sorry, just kind of panicking here. There’re times when I’m dying of need to draw something completely badass with new styles and awesome types of faces etc etc, but fail miserably. I thought I needed time to deal with it and try to improve some more, but it takes too long. The thing is, I don’t like showing my attemps, even though this blog isn’t about how much I rock, but how I want to be a bit betterrr. How am I supposed to make tutorials when I have an urge to puke all over everything I draw? I’m waiting for the moment when I’m ready to create *something* =_= And I know you want it too, because we’re all getting sick of endless sketches.

4. I have two big ideas *big for my sketchy mode* that you may like or not, but challenges are cool. Again, I don’t want to spoil anything or say ‘im doing the windy thing’ and then screw everything and dump those into the archive. I even have no idea how long it can take or will I be patient enough to finish it aas aaalwaaays.

*Also, I’ve drawn one thing for Hussie, but since he keeps silence about it, I won’t tell either, whatever. It’s no big deal anyway*

So if I’ll be missing again, remember those reasons please :c The worst thing is to be in a hurry to finish the work before I like the result. That’s kind of cute when you ask if I’m okay, and I love you so much for it it’s illegal ;u;

Yes, pretty much. Some of the main ships (sorry I can’t remember all of them):

My fav ships:
Karkat <3 Terezi
Gamzee <3 Tavros
Dad <3 Mom
Karkat <> Gamzee
Nepeta <> Equius
Equius creepy stalkering Aradia
John hurr durr Karkat
John <> Rose <> Dave <> Jade
Dave <> Terezi (haha, this ironic relationship will never beat kk/tz)
Snowman <3< Slick or Doc c3< Slick and Snowman
Vriska <3< Eridan
Feferi c3< Sollux and Eridan

Ships I don’t mind:
Aradia <3 Sollux
John <3 Vriska
Dave <3 Jade
Jade <3 Tavros
Dave <3 Terezi
Sollux <3 Feferi
Nepeta <3 Equius
Mr Mayor <3 Mail Lady
Eridan <3 (creepy stalkering) Feferi
Dave <> Tavros
Rose <> Kanaya
Jade <> Kanaya
Jade <> Feferi
Nepeta <> Karkat <> Kanaya <> Sollux
Tavros <> Terezi <> Aradia <> Nepeta
Jade <3< Karkat or Jade c3< past and future Karkat
Tavros <3< Vriska
Terezi <3< Vriska
Eridan <3< Sollux
Kanaya <3< Eridan (Eridan gets all of the kismesis, all of it)
Eridan creepy stalkering Nepeta
Nepeta creepy stalkering Karkat
Bec Noir creepy stalkering Mail Lady

Ships I don’t like:
Any other homostuff
Any ridiculous ships like John\Eridan
Any gender bent crossovers like fem!Equius\Gamzee

“Any other homostuff”? can you errr…. specify? Because that makes me feel you’re homophobic.

This means I won’t scream ‘BOIZ\GURLZ KISSIN ZOMG TEH DRAMA’ when I’ll see Dave\Tavros for example, this stuff can be cute sometimes and I don’t mind, but you won’t see it on my blog as well as any *hetero* nsfw art.

And all the ‘i-dont-like-it’ things are here not because ‘I-hate-you-for-shipping-this’ but because I’m sorry for turning people’s requests down since I’m not really comfortable with drawing it, jeez :c

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