Stop! Hamstertime
Stuff 4

Man, I’m so offline, I have no excuse. I’ll probably try to excuse later, though.

All I can give you today is another bunch of old requests, so you can effin enjoy my changed-once-again style (I’m flipping table about it so hard right now, you have no idea). Hope I’ll upload something else later, but now there’s actually nothing completed to show. Yup, I’m ashamed. You guys must have infinite patience, so have my infinite love <3

This is borderline pornographic.

Hint: Equius is King Triton, Sollux is Eric and Eridan is Ursula. Guess who’s Sebastian.

It’s kind of sick that in Russian ‘onion’ and ‘bow’ are the same word.

Yeah, maybe that’s not actually ‘kismesis’, but that’s why I do love Karkat\John <3